Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Mom-Preneur Wendi and My Town

Fellow creative homemaker and mom-preneur, Wendi does the cutest embroidered stuff! Go check out her site at Alphabet Soup Embroidery and see her cute products!

Newbury Street Home Decor in Boise is having their 2nd Anniversary sale, and it looks pretty HOT!!

**Note from Newbury Street to the people on their mailing list:
What a week! We're compiling all our great deals- Buy $100, Get $100, Our 2nd Anniversary Sale and Black Friday to offer you the best savings yet! We're doing our part to help you make your holidays a little more affordable this year. First, spend $100 at Newbury Street, and get $100 in grocery vouchers to the store of your choice!! That is 100% savings!!! 2nd, we are CELEBRATING OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Wednesday, November 26th- everything will be 20% off! Third, you don't want to miss shopping at Newbury Street the day after Thanksgiving- we are going to have some AMAZING deals this week!

**My note to YOU- Go to their website, check out the deals, and sign up for their mailing list right NOW! Don't miss out!!

Also in my town- I heard that at Albertsons, their turkeys are 38 cents/lb. if you spend at least $25.00! Sounds like a great deal!

Does anyone know of an even better deal on Thanksgiving groceries? Please share!! Pin It

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  1. fyi, you have to purchase $25 in select Kraft products to get that deal, could be good if you purchase the things advertised, I do not know how long the sale is...does it end today or does it go through thanksgiving? (i assume it ends today) Albertsons had signs up mostly in the dairy section


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