Monday, October 20, 2008

Still in Transition

We moved into our new place just over a week ago. Since we moved into a smaller place, it's been quite a job figuring out what to do with or where to put all of our STUFF!! And I didn't realize how MUCH stuff we actually had. So we spent all week going through it all and getting rid of a lot of it. We had a huge yard sale this last Saturday and were able to get rid of a lot. We still have some things to sell on Craig's List, but we can almost fit our van inside the garage again which is SO nice! I cannot tell you how great it feels to de-junk and simplify!

These last several weeks have been a complete whirlwind for me, but I can see the light at the end and things are finally falling into place... literally! My house is still not completely in order, but we are alive and well!!

I want to apologize for my lack of posts. I have hardly been on the computer in over a week. We still don't have our phone or Internet hooked up at our new place, and I've been using my husband's cell phone modem and laptop to get online briefly and check my email, etc. We've been waiting for the phone company and they are not very fast! I will be back to posting very soon. Thanks for baring with me!! Pin It


  1. We miss you and look forward to your life getting back to normal. :)

  2. Angela, my thoughts and sympathies are with you. Having just gone through it, I know how un-fun it can be. But look at it this way--it's less house to clean. That's what I tell myself anyway. I will miss seeing you around. Let's keep in touch. Once your up to it, we should get together with Aimee again and go out.


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