Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's been a crazy couple of weeks!! I am still using my husband's cell phone modem and laptop to use the internet. Our phone line and internet will finally be up and running this Wednesday. (I'm SO ready for that!) Then I will have my own computer back so I can post back to normal.

Here is our new home. I love it! It's been constant work since we moved 2 weeks ago, because we downsized by 1,200 square feet. Yep, the real estate market took a dive as we all know, so my husband got sucked down with it, since he works in that market. But we are loving the change and loving the monthly payment even more!! And this house is lovely and cozy. We are so happy here!

Bye-bye to my nice craft room. {{sniffle-sniffle}} That's really the only thing I'll miss, other than my wonderful neighbors and friends. We just moved down the road a couple miles, so it's not bad.

Anyway, I'm back!! Pin It


  1. Glad to hear you're getting your internet soon! We've missed you! It is hard to imagine life with out the internet huh!?

  2. Good for you! Your new house has CHARACTER! New builds aren't as fun in that aspect!


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