Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Faves - Date Night Dinner

Keeping on the marriage subject, I thought I'd post about my favorite date-night with my man. I totally agree with Cathy's comment on my last post about weekly date nights- alone together, no kids alowed. Very important! I always look forward to my date nights alone with Rod.

So what is YOUR favorite thing to do on a date night with your man?? My all-time MOST fave thing to do on a date night is going out for dinner. What woman doesn't love being served a warm, delicious meal to eat- (un-interrupted), and be cleaned up after? And not only the eating part, but being alone with your man to actually talk without little people pulling at your apron-strings. We also love to go out to eat with other couples, and of course girls nights out!!

Our top 2 favorite restaurants to go on a date night are:

Texas Road House- a steak house. They seriously have the best ribs, rolls, and dinner salads we've ever had. And the rolls are not only "to-die-for", they are also complimentary and keep coming if you want more. I could eat a whole basket of them with the cinnamon butter that comes with it, and call it dessert!
Oh, and Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning is the best! You can buy a container of it for $3 there.
Also, they sponsor the best golf tournament every year. Rod never misses one of their tournies. He actually won first place at it this year, a couple weeks ago!! He came home with a huge trophy, some great prizes and a goody bag from the restaurant.

On the Border- a Tex-Mex type of place. They have the best chips and salsa! I love their 3-Sauce Chicken Fajita Burrito. But everything on their menu is "to-die-for"!!

What is your favorite date-night or girls-night restaurant??? Pin It


  1. I agree with you on Texas Roadhouse. I'm determined that they inject crack into the steaks because I can't get enough of it!

    Literally, the first time I finished my filet minion, I wanted to cry because there was no more.

  2. Love "Roadkill" (a term of endearment in our house), and we also love going to the movies. We buy the cheaper movie tickets from Costco. Hubby has been spoiled with the stadium seating and will NOT go to the dollars anymore!

    Other favorite restaurants:
    Panda Express and Chapalas (when trying to save $ and not as much time to spend).

  3. I would have to say Charlestons, or Someburros, and then Krispy Kreme afterward....mmm..I'm hungry!

  4. hElLo TEXAS!! That is absolutely Matt and I's favorite restaraunt, not only for the food, but we can get out of there around $25! That is awesome! I love that place!

  5. John and I love the Cheesecake Factory. We browse Border's Bookstore while we wait. (The beeper works in there.)

    On our last date we got a pedicure together. Way fun! I couldn't get John out of the massage chair.

  6. I'm loving your blog more and more!! I love all the "idaho" stuff. I'm kind of an Idaho Newbie so this is great for me!!

  7. what is a date night? It's been so long since I've had one of those I don't remember what it is about!
    T.R. is delicious and i love on the border's queso fundido de pollo (listed as appetizer) but you've gotta run 10 miles after eating that!

  8. Speaking of dessert - have you ever been to Cookies and Cream? It's over by Majestic Theaters, across from Mountain View High School. They have THE BEST cookies there (the "Everything" one is my favorite) and delicious ice cream and gelato and fudge... mmmmm, I may run over there for an afternoon treat! (We always head over there after a movie at Majestic).

  9. Filet minion is too small, huh! I would feel like crying too!

    Mmm, yeah I love the Krispy Kreme idea too... You could stand there and get your free one off the belt while you wait!

    John's a good man for doing a pedicure with you Amanda! Oh yeah, the Cheesecake factory rocks!

    Wannabe free- You need a date night!! Do you livein my town? If so I volunteer to watch your kids so you can go out- seriously!! Oh, and I totally agree about the Queso. Rod and I ordered that once and oh my gosh!! DELISH!!

    Cathy- Oh yes! Cookies and Cream! I love that place! I know, isn't that everything cookie sinfully amazing? We live not far from Majestic and C&C, so we've paid them a few visits. I will have to feature them on an upcoming Monday post!! (The owners of that place are in my stake I think.) Thanks for reminding me of them!


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