Sunday, July 20, 2008

Other Chore Chart Systems

In my quest to find the perfect "system" for my family, I looked at several different chore charts online including Accountable Kids and Tip Junkie. I "googled" chore and job charts and found several ideas as well. I also looked at what friends were doing with their kids and asked a lot of questions. There is a fantastic book by Merrilee Boyack called The Parenting Breakthrough that I highly recommend as a manual for raising responsible children, who will turn into independant adults. This book has made a huge impact on how I teach my children to be responsible.

Get inspired by these great ideas from some very creative homemakers. Thanks Tip Junkie!

Here is a tip I learned from some other experienced mothers: One job system will not work forever. Don't get discouraged when your system stops working the way it used to in the beginning. It's good to change it up every so often to keep things fresh and exciting for the kids. I have a friend who is the mother of 6 great kids. She has rotated between 2 or 3 different charts to keep the excitement alive! Don't worry if you have spent time and/or money on just one system. You can always bring it back when the next one gets boring! :) Pin It

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  1. Hi! I found your blog thru sugardoodle and since I don't like lurkers I wanted to leave a comment. I own the "Parenting Breakthrough" and LOVE it! I printed off her "Plan" and have it handing inside my pantry on the door so I can refer to it often! Thanks for all your tips...I'm going to try that wheat bread soon!


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