Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tie-Dye for Disney

Here is a summer vacation tip that worked wonderfully for us last month! We took our family to Disneyland and California Adventure for 3 days, and there were 7 of us. So my hunny came up with the most brilliant idea to keep us together in such a big place. We made our own matching tie-dye shirts to wear for each day at the parks.
To do this, you do NOT have to go buy a "tie-dye kit"- too expenxive! A $2 box of Rit Dye is all you need. And of course some T-shirts. I bought undershirt tees (the ones that come in packages of 3 or 5) for cheap.
I bought some Haines brand and some Cherokee (Target) brand. The Cherokee ones are actually much better in my opinion! The fabric is softer, thicker and a much better fit. Same price as Haines. Go Target!!
Now you need to get some laytex gloves and a big package of rubber bands. (I got those things and the Rit dye at Wal-Mart.)
Now just follow the directions on the Rit box and have fun! It is easy and doesn't take too long. You can also go to Rit's website for more tips. Pin It

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