Friday, March 1, 2013

Guess the Gift

Our daughter is away for a little bit and I just wanted to send her some Love from home. 
I used her name as inspiration.
There is a gift that equals each letter of her name.
A= "apple" cider and "abuelita" hot chocolate.
[John 7:37]

 U= "U" get to decode a message. Go here to print the key.
[Bible Dictionary: Urim and Thummim]

D= "dough"
[! Nephi 17: 12]

R= "read" letters from each member of family and a book.
[John 15:11]

A= "almond" caramels
[Psalms 119:103]

I added scrapbook paper to the inside of the box to make it fun.
I wrapped each one with white paper, put a letter to represent her name and a scripture. She has to look up the scripture, guess what it is then she can open it. I got that idea here.
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  1. You are an amazing mother. I love your blog.

  2. It would be fun to do a more adult version to send to my family and friends in other states!


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