Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful Chalkboard

I got this made Thankful ChalkBoard a little late this month but next year I hope to use it all month long so we can write down the many blessings that come daily.
I started with cutting a shutter door in 1/2.
I painted the board "frame" and then drilled holes in the top for the fabric ribbon.
This is so cool. . .I just figured it out. Instead of measuring a cup of Flat paint, I got this "sample" Behr container(from Home Depot & the samples only come in Flat) to just add the 2 Tbl. of  non-sanded tile grout to make the Chalkboard Paint. It was so much easier! And you can have a different color than the boring Black & Gray. I did a Chocolate Brown(Dark Truffle UL140-2).
Brush on the Chalkboard Paint. I did 3 coats. Sand lightly(with the FINE sandpaper) between each coat. Then "condition" the board before the first use.
*Condition means to lay the chalk on its side and cover the whole board. Then wipe off with a clean dry cloth. You are now ready to write on the chalkboard.

 Drill a hole in the top of the frame for the wooden pot(sorry not sure of the size cause I had it leftover from another project) to hold the chalk.
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