Monday, September 17, 2012

Puffy Paint Quote Board

 My friend gave an amazing lesson in church a few weeks back and the message just spoke to my soul. I decided to make something special for her to show my thankfulness. I knew the quote I was going to do and when I found this idea to do the puffy paint in a scroll pattern- it just fit.
Using my stencil, I traced a design. Then use the puffy paint to go over the pencil line design. 
*TIP: use the color of puffy paint close to the same color of paint you are going to paint the board (as a trial, we did white puffy paint and yellow board paint-you could totally see the white puffy paint, it didn't look as good)
After the puffy paint has dried (I did this at night so it could dry overnight) then paint your whole board the color of your choice. When the paint is dry, add your vinyl quote.

It turned out so beautiful, I made one for my SIL's new home and now I need to make one for our home.
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