Friday, September 14, 2012

Hair Accessory Wall Mount

After lots of thinking, I finally figured out what could hold all my hair accessories and scarves in one place.
My How To:
I started with ruff fence wood(WRC Flat Top 5/8"x5 1/2"x6' @ Home Depot). Its really light weight compared to pine or other wood. I cut the boards to fit on my wall(32" long). Then painted and sanded them.
Nail all the plank boards together with 2 pieces of wood on the back side.
Attach the "hardware" onto the front. (top left) bars are magnetic. They are used for tools but I got them for half price(Harbor Freight), cup hooks in the middle, (top right) are fence post brackets I found at a second hand building store(Restore)for only $0.25 each, (bottom) is a curtain rod from Walmart that I spray painted brown.
Hair Clips on the magnetic bars.
 Headbands on the cup hooks and fence post brackets.
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