Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here's what happened to my 12-year-old son's most prized posession thid evening...

This is what an iPod touch looks like after it has fallen out of a kid's pocket and gets slammed in the door of the family vehicle. YIKES!

Just a good reminder for all of us (and our kids) that have expensive gadgets. Lots of 12-year-old tears have fallen tonight. Ug! Poor guy!
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  1. We've totally been there with my 8 year old! He his for a month ~ saved his own money to buy it and then accidentally dropped it in the driveway ~ the thing shattered! Lots and Lots of tears. We told him we would pay to fix it once any more than that and he was on his own. We also purchased a super dooper protective case. :) Good luck!


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