Friday, April 27, 2012

A NEW Way to Exercise

I walked through the front doors at Walmart the other day & saw the new album cover for Carrie Underwood-she looks awesome(I want those legs)! So I googled what she does for exercise(I know eating right is part of it too).

When she's not with her trainer, she uses just a simple deck of cards(I found mine at the dollar store which makes them 50 cents for each deck) to make a workout fun.
I followed what she does:
Each suit is a part of the body. So when you get a "heart with a 4", you would do 4 lunges.
You can go through the whole deck or just half or whatever your body can start with.
Hearts=legs(like lunges/squats, etc. . . )
Diamonds=arms(like push ups, resistant band, etc. . .)
Spades=core(like sit ups, etc. . . .)
Clubs=cardio( like sliders/jump rope/jumping jacks)
Joker=mile run

I'm so excited to keep my body guessing(and burn up to 600 calories) plus I can't get too bored with this!

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