Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meridian Spring Formal

My friend Cami is in charge of putting on this dance. You can go here to print the info.

In an effort to provide a prom where both the parents and students felt good about the moral climate, the Meridian Spring Formal was born. Our goal is to provide a formal dance for the teenagers of Meridian, ID where the dress, lighting, lyrics, music, and entertainment contribute to a wholesome atmosphere. Regardless of school and religious boundaries, all High School couples who are 16 and older, and are willing to comply with the dress and conduct code below, are invited to attend.

This special event will be held at:
Ten Mile Christian Church
3500 W. Franklin in Meridian, ID
which is on the corner of Ten Mile Rd. and Franklin Rd.

Cost of tickets is $30 per couple until May 5, 2012.
Cost will then increase to $50 per couple.

Cost includes admission to the dance, pictures, and refreshments.

Conduct Standards include:
*Must be 16 years or older and accompanied by a date
*No profane, vulgar or crude language
*No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
*No full body contact, suggestive dancing, moshing, grinding, running, or sliding

Dress Standards include:
*Girls dresses should not be short, tight, sheer, low-cut in the front or the back and should cover the shoulders
*Boys should wear Sunday dress or tuxedos

Individuals not in compliance to these standards will either not be admitted or asked to leave by the chaperones.
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