Monday, January 16, 2012

My Computer {Desk}

I love my Computer Desk.
I got it a few years back and just added my personal touch to it.

I took an inexpensive computer table. I cut a piece of sanded plywood for the top and bought scrapbook paper for the shelves. [The shelves have needed some patchin' up].

Take the Mod Podge Glue and brush on a good layer to desk surface.

Lay the scrapbook paper down and brush on another good layer.

When it is dry use an exacto knife to cut off the excess.
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  1. Your desk is so pretty! The modge podge-d scrapbook paper is a nice touch. I wouldn't mind working for long hours if that were my work station. I love that little pink stool you used to elevate your monitor. :)

    -Benita Bolland

  2. Nice one! It was a nice idea to cover your keyboard tray so that it won't look too plain. I was actually looking for ways to design my desk. I am not really an artistic person, but you did give me an inspiration. I should thank you for this because I will now be heading to the store to look for my gift wrapper or scrapbook paper. Hmm.. what kind of paper should I use?

    Lance Vartanian

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