Saturday, January 7, 2012

Medicine Organizer

Since this month I'm dedicating time to organize more around the house. . .
I knew this closet(which holds meds/cleaning supplies/extra toiletries) needed it!

[the BEFORE]

I found this system at Walmart to hang on the door for all the medicines. I was so excited and then realized it didn't fit on my door.

So I found this shower organizer(at BedBath&Beyond) to hang from the door. Since it didn't have much space I had to limit the medicines to the mostly used ones.

I had to cut a piece of wood for both shelves so the medicines don't fall through the wire shelving. To the top of the unfinished wood I added a piece of contact paper-just in case any meds spill.

[the AFTER] Pin It

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  1. Cooool! that shower caddy would be a great idea for storing all the meds when we're in our rv and have limited space in the bathroom. thanks!


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