Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GIFTS You've Given Me

I made this for my Mom to not only let her know what she has instilled in me, but to thank her for giving me these wonderful gifts.
I took a board book from the second hand store and altered it with paper{just cut the paper to fit each page and double stick tape it down}.

Gift 1:the Gospel

Gift 2: Comfort

Gift 3: Great memories

Gift 4: Value of Work

Gift 5: Traditions

Gift 6: to Create

Gift 7: Organization

What gifts do others give to you that enrich your life? It might be nice to let them know! Pin It


  1. Love it!! Did you have to 'rough up' the shiny pages on the board book to make the it stick?

  2. No- the double stick tape does an awesome job of sticking. Mod Podge doesn't work on the slick pages.


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