Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween {Countdown} #1

I love the excitement Countdowns bring for special events.
Candle Holders can get a little spendy, so I decided to make my own.

I found the vases at the second hand store & the dowel and faucet flanges at the Home Improvement store.

Flanges up close.

1- Cut the dowel (mine is 3/4"x14") to fit inside of your vase. Drill a hole at the top(or you could drill a hole for an eye screw-which I should have done, my dowels broke a little with drilling). I put rocks in the base of the vase to weight it down. Also squeeze some glue down there.

2- Take some pliers to fold in the middle part of the flange. It will make it tight around the dowel.

3- Glue, using E6000, the ring onto the top of the vase.

4- Spray paint the whole thing along with the 2x4 piece of wood(12" long) a glossy black.

5- Cut strips of fabric (1 1/2"x54") to braid together. I used purple-#1 strand/orange & black-#2 strand and green with the orange crazy yarn- #3 strand.

6- Thread the fabric braid through the hole in the top of the dowel & tie a knot.

7- Unfold the big size paper clips (found at the Dollar Tree Dollar store) to hang the tags off of the "rope".

8-The Countdown Tags.

I cut some white cardstock then "aged" the edges with my black stamp pad. Finish the tags with some foam shapes & colored glitter glue(Walmart).

9- Adhere the vinyl lettering to the 2x4 wood block. Sand the edges.

Its now ready to countdown the days til Trick or Treat Night! Pin It

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