Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New Old Rags

My grandpa taught me a great trick to get the most wear out of a piece of clothing. When that clothing item is either too small, ripped or stained use it as a Paint Rag.

Before I gave some of the girls' clothes to the second hand store, I went through them to see if there was any I could keep. I found a great pile.

This sure beats spending more money on new ones{plus they have style}! Pin It


  1. What types of items do you paint using cloth instead of a brush?

  2. Most of the time its for when I use the gel stain to stain or "age" wood signs. If I want a "whitewash" type look, I will paint on with a brush then wipe it off with the old shirt. If I have wood glue overload, it nice to have a rag handy. Just a few ways. . .


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