Friday, September 23, 2011

Kids Craft Closet

I am one of the art moms in my daughters 4th grade class. As I was looking in the supply closet it felt so peaceful I think because it was organized! I knew I had to do something with the kids' craft closet at home. I was inspired!

This is the Kids' Craft Closet(just an entertainment center).

What a Mess!

In the process. . . did that all really fit??

I labeled everything. The containers on the right were from the dollar store(DollarTree).

All Done! Pin It


  1. Looks amazing! You have inspired me to get my girls' craft things (that are currently sitting in bins) organized!

  2. I found your site through 'Top 25 Home Management Blogs'. I love your ideas & can't wait to come back & read more!!

    Great job!


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