Friday, September 2, 2011

Hair Accessory Holder

I've been wanting to make a few more Hair Accessories but I haven't had a place to put them until now. It will also be nice for my girls to have a place for theirs'.

I found these door shutters at the second hand store for $15.00 each(so that makes each shutter $7.50). I had a feeling that if I altered it a bit then it could hold all my Accessories.

Here's what I did:
After cleaning & sanding them they were ready for the metal "shelves". I went to Lowe's prepared to buy something that attaches to doors to hold the accessories but they were almost $6.00 & I couldn't cut them down very easily. So I asked a person working there and she mentioned to check down the sheet rock aisle.

This metal is what I found. They are only $1.18 for a 5-6 ft section.

Mark on the metal where you need to cut with your metal shears.

Cut the top & the bottom as far as you can go.

No need to cut here-just bend it back & forth a few times.

A clean break.

To attach the "shelves" to the shutter:

Use pliers(or your hands) to spread it out a little. This will help so you can drill in the screws.

Predrill the metal before you attach it.

Drill in the screws to secure.

Place your hand on the front face and press down so it lays flat.

All the shelves DONE.

Since the metal "shelves" aren't that pretty I cut some fabric to fit the top & front of each one.

"Shelves" Beautified!

Hair Clips (just clip them on)

Hair Bands (slide them thru the slats)

Even Scarfs(just attached shower curtain rings to the handle already there). Pin It


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