Monday, August 1, 2011

LEGO Table

Our daughter's birthday is today. I'm so excited to surprise her with this LEGO Table I made for her. She is a Lego fanatic. She is always coming up with or asking for ideas to build wonderful Lego creations.

This is her current one-a little small.

This is her new one- a better surface to build. This one measures 40" x 60".

I got this coffee table from the second hand store(goodwill).

I framed out the top board with some molding wood. Secure the top piece to the table with wood glue & brad (finishing)nails -I used my air compressor nail gun. remember to fill the nail holes with wood putty & then sand it.

Its ready to paint.

Painted & sealed(with a spray clear coat).

I used this adhesive( at Home Depot) to put down the Lego boards(found at ToysRus but they are online also). TIP: Don't use this in the heat of the day. I learned the hard way & had to reglue the boards.

I used some Legos to hold the boards together for perfect spacing.

Done. [I would like to add some vinyl lettering with building/Lego words-if I do I'll post the pic] Pin It


  1. What a great idea and she is going to love it! I can't believe how grown up these kids are getting!

  2. How are you going to get that up the stairs??? That is such a great idea!!! Where did you find all your flat lego boards? I am thinking this would be something fun to make for the playroom. . .

  3. Great, easy idea!! :) My 6-year-old is hugely into Legos, so I was thinking for Christmas this year, I'd make him a Lego table, but I also want it to have storage for all his Legos (a WHOLE LOT of them!). Any ideas? Thanks! I just recently discovered your blog, and it is so inspiring to me to get crafty! :)

  4. Annnnnnnd another question: How did you secure the table to the top? Screws? Some heavy duty glue?

  5. Kimberly- I got the flat lego boards at Toysrus but they are cheaper online. I didn't order them in time so I had to just buy them.
    Denise-I'll post the pic of my daughters lego organizer(scrapbook paper tower with drawers. She sorts them by colors. I secured the top to the table with wood glue and the brad nails.

  6. I think I will attempt to make one of these for my little guy.... Great idea. Love it. Like the organization idea too. But he's too young for organizing :)

  7. My husband and I want to build a table like this, we were talking about adding drawers underneath for storage. It is great to see how you did this, thank you for sharing


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