Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being a {REAL} Mom

As part of my goals this summer I need to read a new book each week. Well, after I started reading this wonderful book(found @ Deseret Book but good deal here), I realized this one is a "work"book. This lady is amazing!

She breaks down 12 simple things we can do as mothers to be better[and more REAL] & to help our children be happy. Each Secret takes 21 days to form the habit of doing. So in the next 8 months or so I hope to accomplish having a greater perspective. I know it was meant for me right now. Lately I've been informing our children of ways they can change & do things. Nothing has really changed. Then after reading this book, its actually ME who needs to change so they will want to change & be happy.

I'm only on the first Secret & I've already had a few trials to put this secret to use. I'm grateful to have a notebook (my "Ponder Pad" as Carlene Tanner would say)to write down my thoughts/challenges/feelings.

I love Good Books that motivate you to act! Pin It

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  1. This is my kind of book. I would love to read this. I'm always looking to be a better mom.


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