Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roasting Stick Bag

My family inspired me this last weekend to make bags for our Roasting Sticks.

This is the BEFORE. . .

This is the AFTER. . .

Here's how I made the bag. . .

1- Grab an old pair of jeans & cut the pant leg to the size of the roasting sticks (mine is 27" before hemming).

2- Turn the jean pant leg inside out & using a heavy duty needle, stitch the bottom closed.

3- For the drawstring top, cut a piece of fabric to fit the diameter (x 4")of the pant leg. Put the ends right side together leaving an opening.

4- Pin the fabric right side to the wrong side of the jean. Stitch around.

5-Turn pant leg inside out and stitch around the top edge.

6- Fold the unfinished edge under & stitch around the pant leg making the casing for the string.

7- Thread ribbon or string in the hole of the casing.

8- Use your CREATIVITY to draw pictures/words on the bag.

[After thought: I might have to sew on a piece of ribbon for hanging.]

This is our fire pit area in our backyard. The large pit is for roasting marshmallows/hot dogs & camp wood burning. The smaller pit is for our dutch ovens. Pin It

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