Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebration Posters

I was asked to make some posters for our church buildings highlighting the event our Stake is going to celebrate. In July we celebrate our Pioneers.

I of course couldn't just do a simple writing on the poster board-I had to Heatherize it!

I used this scrapbooking spray ink to wet the edges.

Then I wiped it.

I used postal paper, crumbled it many times, & taped it to the poster board. Then using the 1/8" hole punch, I punched around each edge. I threaded the hemp string(found at Walmart in jewelry section) through each hole to "sew" around the whole poster board. After this I used my firestarter to burn the edges. CAUTION: do this outside & do small sections so you can put the fire out with your shoe!

[Adhere Picture: taken from the cover of the July 2010 Friend Magazine] Pin It

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