Monday, May 9, 2011

Publish a Group Cookbook

Have you ever been in charge of putting together a WARD COOKBOOK (ward or other big group)? Or as a fundraiser for the PTA? These things are not an easy feat. In fact, friends in my last ward on the cookbook committee, said it was so time-consuming that they'd never want to be in charge of that kind of project again.

I want to let you all know that doing a ward (or group) cookbook has gotten a whole lot easier, and less time-consuming for the committee! And it is a wonderful fundraising opportunity for the PTA or other organization you're involved in. The PTA did this as a fundraiser for my children's school this year, and that is how I found out the easy way to do a group cookbook.

After shopping them out and comparing the different cookbook websites online, I decided to go with MORRIS PRESS COOKBOOKS (the same company that our PTA went with).

The most wonderful thing about this company is that everyone in your group/family/organization can contribute and submit their own recipes THEMSELVES! It takes HOURS of work OFF the ones in charge!!

It's super easy to get started. Go to their website and order a FREE starter kit. They will take you step-by-easy-step into this fun project!

Here's my 2-cents worth of advice
(if this is a ward cookbook)...
-Have a small committee. We had just 2 of us- myself as chairperson and another as co-chair. (The RS presidency were committee members, but just for moral support and insight- not expected to do anything.) Designate your responsibilities. (I was in charge of getting people excited about the cookbook, emailing them information, and proofing recipes. Brenda was in charge of passing around the sign-up sheets, making the spreadsheet, collecting the money, and sending in the final order after we filled out the form together.)
-Start with a sign-up sheet for names, email addresses and phone numbers (for those wanting to contribute and/or participate). This will give you their permission to contact them in regards to this project. With that list, start a spreadsheet that you can update and send back and forth between you and the co-chair.
-Email me at TheCreativeHomemaker at gmail dot com if you would like to see the message I typed up and clipart I used to introduce this project to our RS.
-Make sure you clearly explain exactly how you would like everyone to label their measurements. ie: "Please follow the guideline examples given in 'Typensave'." or "Please use 'T' for Tablespoon and 't' for teaspoon." and so on. (This is something I did not do and wish I had. It would've saved me a lot of time in the proofing process!)
-Proof the recipes every few days when you have a second here and there. I waited and did them all at once. Exhausting!

We were able to get 200+ cookbooks with 400 recipes for about $5 each. It's been a success! The money has been collected (the hard part), Brenda and I are alive and well, the order is in, and we are anxiously awaiting our books!!
*Please Note: In our church, these are NOT (and should not be) used as a fundraiser. This is simply a fun, unifying opportunity for our ward relief society. I think every ward needs a ward cookbook every once in a while!

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  1. These end up to be my favorite cook books. They bring back so many memories of all the friends we had in the different wards. My daughter did one for her Laurel project.


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