Friday, May 20, 2011

Flavor your Meat

I've been trying to eat more turkey rather than beef but turkey doesn't have as much flavor. I end up putting on lots of mayo and it still is hard to get down.

I used these marinade packets(on sale at Winco for .48) and added about 1/2 package (dry seasoning)while the meat (1 lb.)was cooking. It turned out great!!!

Now I'm excited to experiment with the other flavors. Pin It


  1. I love ground turkey meat. I put dehydrated onions (from Costco) baby spinach, and a bit of cilantro or basil (whatever I feel like that I day) .....yum!

  2. There are TONS of recipes on the internet for great ways to cook turkey meat. One of my favorites is to just put a package of onion soup mix into the meat and make patties... yummy! You would never know it's turkey!!

  3. thanks for the suggestions ladies. I will have to try them.


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