Monday, April 18, 2011

A Paper Chain to My Goal

It's week 3 (out of 12) of my weight-loss program. Last week I didn't do as well because I hadn't prepped all my meals ahead of time. It was a super crazy, busy week for me with a lot I was responsible for. And without having my meals ready it was really difficult to stay on target. Preparing your food for the week is KEY!! Week one was super easy because of it.

Something I deciced to do to help me stay on track/motivated, was to make a paper chain (with a link for each day). This way I could visualize the end, and see how far I've come! 

I cut a bunch of strips out of some paper I had. For FHE we talked about goals and checked our progress on some of our family goals that we set in January. Then I told the kids about my goal to become more healthy and fit.

I divied out the paper strips to everyone, and we all wrote motivating messages on them for me. Then I made a chain out of the strips and hung it up where I would see it every day.

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