Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday {Countdown}

Our little boys' birthday is coming up soon & he can't wait. He keeps asking how many days are left til the big day so I came up with this Birthday Countdown.

1-I got a puzzle from a second hand store. Put it together and lightly sand the top(so the paint will adhere).

2-Spray paint the puzzle pieces(mine are 3"x4", whole puzzle measure 10"x13") with the color of your choice.

Cut a board(mine is 14"x16") for the puzzle & title.

3-Trace & paint your design. I love circles but you could do stripes, swirls, block, etc. . .

4- Done with the (acrylic) painting. Remember to spray a protective clear coat. I outlined the painted circles with the same color by adding a touch of white.

5-Lay the puzzle on the finished painted wood. Cut small pieces of velcro to adhere to the back of each puzzle piece. Lay each one onto the board.

6-To decorate the top, use curly ribbon & tuelle.

7- Under each puzzle piece use stickers or write(with a sharpie) words that describe Birthdays.

Let's get counting . . . Pin It

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