Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun {Games}

Last Night (for St. Patty's Day) we played some Fun Games.

Game 1: Floating Feather
Each player has a green feather. Everyone has to blow the feather upward to keep it floating in the air so it doesn't touch the ground. The person that can keep it up the longest wins. [I did it & its a a lot harder than I thought- the kids beat me every time!] The kids had fun after the game using the feather as a tickle weapon.

Game 2: Coin Throw
I used a muffin tin I had & put "point" values on some paper. Have each player stand a few feet back & throw the green coins(found at Big Lots-on sale) to land inside the muffin cup. We did it so each person could throw 2 to 3 coins with each turn. The first one to 100 points wins.

This game from last year is also fun.

We are so LUCKY to have games to create memories!

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