Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holding the {Love}

On Valentine's Day morning I leave a trail of candy kisses leading from the kids' bedrooms to the kitchen for our special breakfast.

I wanted something to put their candy kisses in and figured out that the soup cans are a perfect fit.

Because the edge is sharp you could glue on some ribbon. . .

Or pom-poms(I found these in my stash of craft stuff-I guess these were supposed to be for another project-O-well).

Mod Podge the fabric piece to fit around the can.

For the "handles" I used paper clips(you could drill a hole but I didn't want to) snapped onto the side. Then attach ribbon to the silver part of the clip.

I wrote the kids' name on the top of the clip.

Ready for Valentine's Day "Love".

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  1. What a cute idea!!- I love that you make them a special breakfast. . .might have to copy :)

  2. So cute! Having soup tomorrow for empty cans :)


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