Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cozy Wreath

I was about to give these sweaters a new home to the second hand store & realized the sleeves would work great for this Valentine's Day Wreath.

Start with this foam wreath(12 inches)

1-Cut through the foam wreath

2-Cut all the sleeves (& cuffs) off of the sweaters.

3-Its so cute, now I want to wear this as a sweater vest (I just need to sew the cut edges)

4-Place 1 sleeve with the right side facing inside the other sleeve that is wrong side facing & sew.

5-Keep doing this until it forms a long "tube".

6-After turning the tube inside out, inch the sweater sleeve tube onto the foam wreath. Apply a dab of glue to adhere the ends together. (I used 2 inch painters tape to hold it together while the glue dries).

7-Whip stitch the open ends together.

8-On the back side apply a few dabs of glue & straight pins to hold the sweater tube in place.

Ready to hang!

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  1. That is adorable! I love how it turned out and I love the fact that you repurposed your sweaters!


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