Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Where} is Heather??

Wanna know where Heather is right now?? She is with her husband, opening the doors to their brand new, amazing restaurant called The Creperie in Boise!! How exciting is that?

They plan to serve Savory Crepes, like Parisian, Thai Chicken, Mediteranean, Faux Vegan, and Le Cochon (cheddar cheese & bacon) as well as Sweet Crepes, like Le Arentine (dulce de Leche & powdered sugar), Nutella, Deux Fruits (strawberry, banana, brown sugar) and many, many more. To see the full menu you can go to their website.

I will let Heather share more, about her new restaurant, with you later. Just wait till you see pics of the place... WOW! It's definately been "Heatherised". I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into one (or all )of Heather's husband's amazing crepes!! YUMMMM!!

You LOCALS are in for a TREAT!!

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  1. Angela,
    I accidentally stumbled upon your blog through my sis-in-laws Trina. I read your blog and went and tried the Creperie for a girl's night out tonight. YUMMY! I love trying new things.

    I love seeing you at random events and it has been fun getting to know you. Someday perhaps we will actually sit down and become good friends.

    Great blog... come visit my family's blog at http://webelieve-ogdens.blogspot.com.

    Happy Holidays-Heather Ogden


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