Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family Service Project Report

On Monday evening, we took our family to the Boise Rescue Mission warehouse to attend the "Toy Sorting Party". It was a blast! We went with some good friends of ours too, which made it even more enjoyable!
We actually ended up sorting food and decorating placemats and boxes (of food) for the homeless (instead of toys). Our husbands even got to take our boys with them and run a huge load of stuff over to one of the homeless shelters in [our friend's] truck.
The evening was a success! I DO recommend this service for families. It is a very family-friendly activity. We will definately be continuing this tradition in the years to come! My kids are now asking what else they can do to serve others. So we decided as a family, that we would take these last "12 Days of Christmas" and do a family service every day until Christmas. This is awesome!!

Click HERE for volunteering info in my area.

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  1. Our family is doing "12 Days of Service" this year for Christmas. We were at the Rescue Mission doing similar things on Tuesday... just missed each other. :)

  2. This Monday we're doing a "Christmas Service Scavenger Hunt" (at least that's what we're calling it to get the kids excited about it).
    I posted a FB event, asking people in our area if they would like to donate to the Rescue Mission (used the list off their site of things they need most). Then on Monday, for FHE, we are going around and picking the items up from their front porches. We also offered to do a D.I. run for any items that needed to go there. I'm hoping all goes well and we get lots of participation and lots of donations.
    I'm also counting on it being a good experience for my kiddos. :)

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