Saturday, November 20, 2010


I love how banners are so festive. This Thanksgiving Day Banner was last years project so I'm thankful to get it done(even if its a week before the big day).

Our Familys'

Pottery Barns' (sorry for the picture-couldn't find it on their website).

My friend Hilarys'

How to:

1-Cut your fabric & backing (7"x9 1/2"). Sew around edge. Leave a small opening at the top on each side for the ribbon/rope to go thru to hang.

2-Cut freezer paper to 8 1/2"x11" so that it will fit in your printer. Pick one of your fonts & print it on the freezer paper(normal plain paper setting). TIP: I had to roll the freezer paper the other way so it would lay semi flat in the printer tray.

3-Iron the letter onto your fabric. Then cut out. Peal off the freezer paper.

4-Pin the letter to fabric flag & stitch around. [I guess my brain decided to not think correctly- I had to glue it. I would do the stitching of your letter to the top fabric then stitch it to the backing] Attach all banner flags to a ribbon or rope(I only had fabric so I sewed some together to form a long "ribbon"). Hang up.

I love that all month long you can display the words "giving thanks" but on turkey day you could display the word "thanksgiving".
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  1. hi Aisha from Malaysia..nice to know u n ur blog..i love ur creativity


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