Thursday, October 14, 2010

RS {Craft} Night

I was asked a while back to create some crafts for our RS Craft Night. What a blessing to be able to serve-lucky me! Here they are:

#1 "BOO" Blocks

These blocks(5 1/2" wide. B=8 1/2 " tall, O= 5 1/2" tall, O= 7" tall) are painted black then sprayed with glitter with sanded edges. The letters we made from 3/8" sisal rope(found at Home Depot. B=22" in length, O=12" in length, O=15" in length). TIP: To cut the rope I used masking tape and then a serated knife. I then cut stripes of fabric, frayed them and just wrapped them around the rope-ends tacked with a glue gun. Then we attached them to the wood blocks with 9/16" double point staples(found with screws & nails at Home Depot).

#2 Tile Magnets
I took these mini tiles from the 12x12 tile sheets. Put magnets on the back. For the front: took paper and punched shapes then glued them onto the tiles. Then used glitter glue and clear glaze to put focus on the shape.

#3 Give Thanks Blocks
I cut these 5 1/2" x 5 1/2". I cut the fabric to fit just inside that measurement. Glue on with Mod Podge.

#4 Calendar Keeper
I wanted to make one like Angela's but had to simplify it for this night. I had Home Depot cut some beadboard into 2'x2' squares. Then I trimmed them out with 1x2" wood(only $0.77 for 8' piece). I found the calendars (at Walmart) and had to drill the hole bigger to fit the nails(#12 carpet tacks) I used. I loved the nails so I had to make adjustments to the calendar.

The bottom portion (ribbon is held on with 2 bolts&nuts-cut slit in ribbon to fit) is to hold any notes/invites/etc. and a pen pocket(found at the dollar store). Like Angela I use a different color of pen for each child, our business and just everyday info.

#5 Birthday Hanging {My Favorite}
The wood (9"x12") hanging lets everyone know who's birthday it is! The name boards at the bottom( 7 1/2"x 1 3/4") are covered with paper. For the names we used glitter foam (with sticky back) traced from letter stencils. Attach the nameboards with velcro.

So I wouldn't lose any of the nameboards I attached the rest of them on the back. [Thanks Andrea for the tip.]

For the wire top I cut strips of fabric(2"x6") to tie on. I did 5 colors using about 4 to 5 strips each.

A couple of the other crafts, that were pictured in Ang's post, I will do a "tute" on later. [FYI: The muffin tin countdown wasn't a favorite so that's why I didn't picture it]

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  1. Oooo... I'm so glad you posted this Heather, for all of our crafty peepers! These were some fun and simple projects.


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