Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{Secret} Destination

I love to surprise our kids. My favorite times are when our kids our blindfolded so they really have no clue. Since our two younger girls start school tomorrow i thought it would be fun to use our Blindfolds to go somewhere to cherish the last day of their summer break. I wanted an updated version of our blindfolds.

Our old version-a felt strip.

Our new inspiration(from Joann Fabrics in the Dollar bins).

Just take the eye cover and trace the outside edge on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut it out, pin it & sew it.

I frayed mine using this tool. I like the look (I know with kids they'll eventually fray, so I'm saving myself a step) but you could easily fold the fabric over so it is a clean edge.
You could add their name to personalize it. I didn't so they would have the opportunity to trade and where a different one.

Hope your summer had been wonderful and your kids are excited to go back to school-I know our kids are! Pin It


  1. Cute blindfolds!!! But where did you go????

  2. We just went to Boondocks(games/go karts/bumper boats/mini golf). It was $12 Tuesday. Lot of people but a great deal!


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