Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Those Kids To Sleep!

Do you have a hard time getting your children to sleep at night? Do YOU have a hard time falling asleep at night? Do you suddenly feel wound up and ready to ??[clean]?? once you've got the kids down for the night and finally have time to yourself? Or maybe you have so much on your mind that you can't seem to shut it off when you lay down to bed?

I can say a big YES to all of these questions!!

Well, I recently learned about something that could help...

Our bodies naturally produce Melatonin in our brains to let us know we are getting tired at the end of the day, and that it's time for bed. Some people may not produce enough, especially those with a little bit of anxiety (like myself and 2 of my 4 children). Or ADHD children (or you) that cannot seem to turn off your many racing thoughts at night.

We can supplement (ourselves or our kids) with this natural stuff at bedtime. I just bought some and am here to tell you that it WORKS!! Yay! With school already started for my kids, and the sun still not setting until after 9 PM, this stuff is heaven-sent for us!

With school starting soon, if not already for you, I thought that today I would share my new-found knowledge with you. Be sure to check with your doctor, of course, if you are a little apprehensive. But I tell ya what... If there is no other reason for Benedril, this natural Melatonin supplement is a great way to help move the sleepy process along, and get you and your children a good night's sleep!

*Update 8/18/10: I guess I should have told you where to find this stuff. I got my 8oz. bottle at Fred Myer in Meridian, ID [on sale] for $7.99 (normally $10). But I found that Walmart carries it too, and their prices look a lot better than Freddy's...

Interesting... I wonder how many of our LOCAL readers went to Walmart after this post, because they were COMPLETELY OUT of Melatonin when I was there this evening!! {{wink}}
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  1. It does work well. It is something we have at our house and we did talk with the kid's dr before giving it. The only problem we have is getting her to stay in her bed if she happens to wake up after she has been asleep, which is most of the time! Any suggestions for that?!

  2. I used to use melatonin all the time until I read about the dangers of self-subscribing. Please read these articles:

    Just a friendly heads up. :)


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