Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy With Projects... Always

My kids are back to school... all 4 of them!! I have until noon ALONE now. This is a new chapter for me! But my time alone is not for relaxing... I am a project person. I've been spending my mornings cleaning, running errands, and doing projects.

Right now I am working on my church assignment, putting together Emergency Preparedness Binders for my entire ward (for about 160 families). This has been a HUGE project!! I can't wait to get these binders done, and my deadline is next Wednesday.

Also, I've been working on a denim quilt for a long time. I've been collecting all of our old, worn out jeans for years; and I've spent time here and there cutting them apart and storing them in my craft closet. Yesterday I decided to get them out and see if I felt motivated to sew a little. It's going to be awesome when it's all done! It's going to be our picnic blanket. Have any of you made a denim quilt before? I can't believe how easy it is! The cutting is the tedious part. Sewing the pieces together has been the fun part so far! You just match up pieces that look good together and that fit. I've been using all different sizes of squares and rectangles. I've had to trim some of them, but that's quick and easy.

I can't wait to be done with this project too. I will show it off after it's all done!! Pin It


  1. Hello, Would you mind sharing your emaergency binders with me? My husband is our wards emergency prepardness specialist and he is looking for ideas. I would love to hear more about yours. My name is Letti and my email is lettibyrd@aol{dot}com

    Thanks so much

  2. I too, am entering that new phase in life, where all 4 of my kids will be in school this year. I'm excited and can't wait for next year when I'll have all day to myself (no 1/2 day kindergarten). Now I just have to figure out which project I want to start on first...a nice problem to have. :)

    PS-I would also be interested in the emergency prep binder.

  3. I love all your wonderful ideas and am very interested in your emergency prep. binders. Could you share your information with me?



  4. I just found your site through Idea Door and love your ideas. I, too, was wondering if you would share your emergency prep binder? I am on my ward's preparedness committee and we have been thinking of doing something like this, but didn't know where to start. Julie West

  5. Please share your info on the preparedness binder. I would like to incorporate that in our Relief Society meetings for next year. Thanks! Kim


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