Thursday, July 22, 2010

School Supplies

I know its early to be thinking of school supply shopping but I have found that mid July is the best time to buy. Great prices and selection. We shop at Walmart & second hand stores for the best deals.

Every year before I go shopping with the kiddos I make a School Supply List. I check their school website for the supply list and then make my own.

FRONT:At the top I put each of my child's name and under that is the supplies they will need. If a child needs the same supply as another I put that item on the same line as the other child's. Then I just go down the list in order and tell each child what they need to grab. {Its beats doing one child at a time}.

BACK: I write down backpack, lunch tote, clothes, shoes totals. I add it the front total to see how much I spent for this years school items.

I love that I have all the info on 1 sheet for reference. It is such a HUGE time saver! Pin It

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