Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Happy} Traveling

I love to travel to see different sites but traveling with 4 kids its a bit of a challenge. You always hope it will be a peacefull ride with not too many of the "when are we gonna be there?" questions. I was inspired to add to this great idea (by Carlene Tanner) to our family trip (Lincoln City, Or)this year:
The Mary Poppins Bag.

I made these road marker signs from my Cricut. Then I laminated them for durability and to be able to use dry erase markers. [It will be nice to be able to use them over again]. I wrote the mile number but they seemed a little confused so I told them to look for the next city name that was coming up.

Spray paint some clothespins (from Walmart) to match the mile markers.

Using ribbon, hang the mile markers with the colorful clothespins from one side of the car to the next.

My Mary Poppins Bag(sorry for the blur). I found this one at Goodwill, the second hand store, for $2.50[a half price deal]. I love that it had zippers & was big enough to fit all the goodies{coloring books, different games, magazines, mad libs, legos & bubbles}. I would mention "Mary Poppin Bag Time" and they would get all excited. In about all the 17 hours of traveling they only watched about 1/2 hour of a movie(unlike all the other trips which is ALL TV time). They either slept or made use of their "surprises". Before the next trip though, I want to jazz up the bag. I think I'm going to add "city" stickers-names of all the places we visit. It will be fun to see it "covered".

Just some of my other favorites of the trip . . .
Day of Shopping.

Sink full of Crab(caught by my loving husband). YUM-O!

Chasing the Waves.

Checking out a [137 yr. old] Lighthouse.

I love how beautiful & peaceful the beach is. It is so calming.
I'm so Thankful this was such a great trip.

I hope you are having fun this summer with your family. Happy Trails! Pin It


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