Sunday, June 13, 2010

Books I'm Excted About {Concerning Marriage and Family}

For Marriage, I like these books...

What I'm focusing on right NOW, as a parent...

A couple of my kids are old enough for the "Big Talk", so for the past several months I've been searching for the best advice and help from experienced parents that share my same values. I want to go about this vital teaching step properly and carefully. So I will share with you what I found in my quest, starting with this book by Laura Brotherson. The last 3 chapters talk about how to prepare and teach children about sex in a safe, healthy way.

Laura refers her readers to this book, by Linda and Richard Eyre; and I found it to be a perfect addition to Laura's last 3 chapters.

The Eyres then refer their readers to this children's book (as a great tool to use in the "Big Talk").

And I love and trust Brad Wilcox. My friend has this book and says it is fantastic (for the kids).

One of the best parenting books (in my opinion)...

And some that I'd like to get...

Of course the best family manuals I have in my home are...

Do YOU have any good ones to recommend?? PLEASE SHARE!!

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  1. Hi! I am coming out of lurkdom to post a comment. Thanks for sharing all those books. I had to laugh when I saw the Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option.
    Don't get the financial peace teaching your kids about money. We got it when it was on a super sale and I was really disappointed. All it really is something you can make yourself.
    Thanks for your blog! I love it.

  2. I found this book because my church did a Sunday School Class it's called Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Timm Kimmel. I also included a link so that you would go directly too it. Even though it is a parenting book I found that it makes me a better person because it helps you show grace to everyone not just your children.


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