Monday, June 7, 2010

Backwards Birthday Party

For my son, Colton's 10th birthday, we did a "Backwards" party. 

I made invitations written backwards, and asked the party guests to come with their clothes on backwards.

  I bought a cake from Sam's Club that already had just balloons on it.  Then I wrote the backwards/upside-down birthday greeting on it, myself.

I also added some upside-down cupcakes for even more fun.  Of course we had cake/icecream for dinner, then I served them pizza for dessert after our activity.

This was the beginning of basketball season, and most of the party guests were on Colton's team.  So we took the boys over to the church and played some backwards "hoop" games in the gym court.  Then we came back and watched the movie "Remembering the Titans" and ate pizza.  Turned out fun!
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  1. Love this simple, yet sooo much fun. I can see my kids getting a kick out of everything backwards. :) Thanks for your great ideas.

  2. Great job! I'll be linking this to my kids' party ideas site, Any Reason for Cake. I already have a Backwards Party theme posted, but I will include a link to your party.

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies. Christi- thank you for the link back. You rock!!


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