Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ang's Birthday Wreath II

And here is my new BIRTHDAY WREATH! I've had the stuff to do this one for YEARS!! But I just never got around to it. I'm actually glad for that, because my friend Cami H, just made hers recently and used a STYRAFOAM wreath for hers (instead of straw). I found this wreath at Hobby Lobby...

Same instructions that Heather gave, using the floral pins (100 ct for $1 at Walmart), curly ribbon, and tons of balloons- (about 200+)
* While shopping around looking for the best deal on balloons, I finally came across (in Boise, ID anyway) packages of 25 same-color balloons for $1 at Honks dollar store (better deal than Zurchers!). They had lots of different colors to choose from. And this way you can control the variety of the different colors! *

I found this cute "Happy Birthday" sign in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby, added some Glamour Dust (any craft store) and mounted it on red cardstock. (Then I glued & taped a couple of floral pins onto the back of the sign to stick onto the wreath.

I also hot-glued a little silver clip so I can attach the birthday child's name. (Also found at Hobby Lobby- cute gift tags in the birthday section.)

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  1. Super cute! I love all the colors! Very creative. Thanks for your blog!

  2. so, so , so cute! Thanks for yet another great idea!!

  3. Very cute!!!! I saw this for the first time the other day and I'm def going to make this! Your birthday wreath is adorable!! Love the colors! Can't wait to make it!!

  4. I love it! it is super cute! I love wreaths and think a door should have one for all kinds of events: easter, thanksgiving, the 4th of july, etc! They are just so cute and fun!

  5. Thank you ladies. This was such fun to make, and super easy! I like this one so much better than my old one. So glad I finally got it done! Whew.
    HomespunDiva- I agree. I love door stuff, especially wreaths. I have different ones that I switch out for different seasons, and you've inspired me to share them on the blog! On non-holiday months I have a hanging vase that I use instead of a wreath. I'll post it soon!

  6. MOMtrepreneur Crafter of the Day:
    Make a wreath with balloons

  7. I just made this wreath using the styrofoam wreath & LOVE(D) it. Minutes after finishing it I dropped it & the stryofoam busted apart. It is now in 4 pieces! :( I'm going to try to liquid nails it back together. If I have to remake it I'm going to us the straw one. Thanks for the idea, it really is super cute.

  8. Do you know what size balloons you used? I was trying to find some online and came across a great deal for 5" balloons, but was thinking that may be too small.
    Thanks! LOVE your idea!

  9. I have seen a lot of the Birthday wreaths. By far this is the BEST and most festive one that I have seen! What size wreath did you use? I am going to make one for my family!!!

  10. I loved this and I love how mine turned out!


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