Friday, May 14, 2010

MOTHERHOOD {A Tribute by Ang}

Isn't MOTHERHOOD lovely?
How 'bout the 2 year-old TANTRUM?
The WONDERMENT of FUSCHIA nail polish?
Or wearing MAKE-UP just like MOMMY?
How 'bout a BLUE CRAYON left in a pocket...
MESSY entertainment
Or a quick trip to the ER?
A few weeks ago, I was on my hands and knees cleaning up my 8 yr-old's throw-up at 2 am (off the carpet, mind you), stripping/washing his vomit-covered bedding, trying really hard not to start vomitting myself, and getting really "OCD" with the disinfectant. There are things in these years of raising children that I could really be happy living without! (Especially the times when my kids are hurt or sick!) It's exhausting!

How I LOVE being a MOTHER!! Nothing in the world could be more WONDERFUL...
...more BEAUTIFUL than a SWEET little spirit to MOLD... {A pure GIFT from GOD}.
Or a PRECIOUS little HAND to HOLD.
There is no ONE more WORTHY
of TIME well spent.
There is nothing more PERFECT than a GIFT from the HEART
Nothing more COURAGEOUS than letting GO to be apart.
There is nothing in the WORLD that can compare to the most NOBLE of callings on EARTH.
That of a MOTHER.
This post is a bit late for MOTHER'S DAY, I know. But it's still MAY, so better late than never, right? ♥ Happy Mother's {Month} to all of you fellow MOMS. ♥
I'm so GRATEFUL to be a MOM!
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  1. Very sweet (and true) post. Beautiful pictures! Have a blessed day:)

  2. What a beautiful reminder! Thank you! So fun to see pictures of your kids when they were younger. Adorable pictures!

  3. Thank you, I Loved your post! There is nothing I love more than taking care of my baby (now toddler, I guess)! I have to admit I'm not looking forward to cleaning up throw-up in the middle of the night...or any time for that matter. But I know it'll be worth it. :)

  4. What a sweet collection of thoughts! I love it! Your kids are adorable...BTW...did you get the blue crayon out of the clothing and if so HOW??? I am dealing with a green crayon left in a pocket which has tainted borrowed baby clothes!!! UGH!!! ♥love ya! MWAH!♥

  5. I love the pictures in this blog!! I could definitely relate to all of it. :)

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