Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{Quiet Time} Door Sign

So everyone knows its Quiet Time (usually 1-4p.m.)at our house everyday; I made a sign to go on the front door. This sign has saved many door bell rings from waking up kids. I believe in having Quiet Time. Even though the older ones are at school, our son still takes naps. I still love having quiet time when the girls are home for track break or on the weekends. We all go to our rooms and the house is quiet. The girls only have to stay in their rooms by themselves for the first hour then for the next two hours they can do something quiet together, by themselves and sometimes I plan a "girl" craft to do. If they interupt my quiet time I add on 20 more minutes. Let's just say that doesn't happen very often. I have found that this is so wonderful (even though the kids have their "days" of not wanting to) because it gives our kids time to just be still. In this world thats very hard to do. The Benefits: they are more playful & loving to each other. That's worth it!

One side: one of my favorite quotes "Faith makes all thing possible; Love makes all things easy" or you could do "No Soliciting".

Other side: Shhh... Quiet Time Please knock.
I just stuck it on the door with a sticky picture hanger that has a hook. Now looking at the picture I think I might paint it the same color as the door. Another thing to add to my project list! Pin It


  1. Gosh you inspire me! You are such a great mother. You do so many fun things with your kids! Where do you get your energy!? I'm a mother of 4 and man, I'm busy. 7,3,5 and 1 are the ages of my kids. I hope to be as organized and fun as you are :)


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