Saturday, March 20, 2010

{Remembering} Loved Ones

My friend, Megan asked me to make this for her neighbor. The neighbor lost both of her parents within a year from each other. So this neighbor could remember her loved ones, Megan wanted something to place pictures but also be functional. So I came up with this and it turned out so cute!

1-Copy all the pictures into black & white {these are so wonderfully timeless}.

2-Cut picket fence boards (4"X42") in 1/2. I didn't want to buy extra boards so I used the pattern from the top of the board for the bottom half that didn't have a design. I cut it using my scroll saw.

3-I used my nail gun to attach the red board(5"x24") to the fence boards (each measures 21" long). I then sprayed them with a clear spray so the top coat of paint doesn't soak into the wood. This wood is very porus.

4-Paint the fence boards and sand the edges.

5-Attach coat hooks onto the red board. Coil (using a dowel) wire around fence boards to hold the pictures. Pin It


  1. I really like this idea- I am so sad that my children will not know my father in law or my nana- this would be a perfect conversation piece for them.

  2. Kristy-thank you. And another thing-you could change the pictures if there happens to be another person who passes away. Good Luck!


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