Friday, March 26, 2010

Personalized Book of Mormons

Can you tell I love to personalize things? I think it makes each family member feel so special. In our family we read the scriptures in the evening before the kids go to bed. We keep them in the living room for easy access. We read 1 page (each of us reading about 2 verses) and it seems to be just enough to keep attention while yet, still being uplifted. So we all know who's is who's we personalized our Book of Mormons.

Just hold all the pages together and use stamps to stamp family members name(and any other designs).

Since we only read 1 page sometimes we forget what side we are on so I made these bookmarks with our Family Mission Statement and whatever side the Statement is facing, is the side we need to read. This has saved us so many times. {Not that its a bad thing to read read the same page}. At the bottom of the bookmark we each signed it and put our "pinky" print. (we do "pinky promises") Pin It


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  3. You will want to delete the above comment and not translate it. I translated it and it is spam regarding disgusting lives.

  4. What a great idea. I will have to use that when I have children in scripture study with me and my husband.

  5. I really love the idea of personalized books and it make a wonderful gift idea.


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