Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love St. Patrick's Day{even though we are not Irish}. It nice to share the luck to everyone and its all about green {= the translation of our last name}. I truely feel so lucky to be able to share on this blog. I have been inspired from above with so many great ideas and its a blessing to then share with everyone who visits this site. I will even wake up early in the morning with ideas. I hope the ideas are not too much, and I hope the "tutes" are well explained because in my heart I know each of us can do it - just in our own "style".

This year for St. Patrick's Day, I am winging it. The kids started their track break (out for 3 weeks)this week and I don't think I was quite ready. So here's what we will do today. Every year I get the kids new green shirts(Walmart $3.50), face paint shamrocks, paint green toenails, and go over how St. Patrick's came to be.


Breakfast: Lucky Charm cereal, green clover pancakes(just make the batter a little thicker and do small circles grouped together).

Lunch: (frozen) kid meals & ginger ale with green food coloring

Dinner: roast, green deviled eggs, Irish nachos(slice red potatoes and cook til not crunchy. Arrange the potatos on a cookie sheet then layer with "nacho" toppings: cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc.) Cook until the cheese bubbles. Yummy!


1-"if I had a wish, I would wish for..." paper for them to fill out for their scrapbook.
2-"Green Guesses": Each person has a pencil & paper. Each person writes down as many items as they can think of that are green in a certain time frame. If 2 people have the same answer, they must cross it off. the person with the most items is the winner & wins a green prize.

4-Irish Message Sticks: make a key and draw a line on 1 or more craft sticks. Write the message on the top and someone else figures out the answer on the bottom.
5-Pot of Gold throw(throw bean bags into a pot behind a designated line.

6-make green bottle cap necklaces
Drill a hole thru bottle cap and insert a beading pin into bead and bottle cap.
Fill bottle cap with dimension and let sit overnight.
Cut 3 pieces of fabric (1/2 inch x 40 inches) and braid for necklace "chain". When completed tie a knot at each end.
Thru each knot put a beading pin and wrap the end around itself.
Finish it off by adding a clasp and coiled jump ring thru the eye of the pin.
I wish you Luck of the Irish today!

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  1. Your kids will have so many good memories to look back on when they leave home. You are a fun mom!

  2. A heartfelt Thank You. I am glad to give our children better than what I had as a kid.


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