Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Nailed" Heart Decor

I wanted another Valentine's decoration for me (& our kids' rooms) so I used up some left over wood, nails and fabric. This will be a great keepsake!

1-Cut the 1x6 wood (one is 9" tall & other is 6 1/2" tall) and spray paint black.

2-Sand the edges to give "rustic" look.

3-Trace your heart pattern onto the wood.

4-Hammer old fashion nails into the wood on the heart pattern.

5-Cut fabric into pieces (1" x 5") to tie to the nails.

6-Ruff up fabric strips by running it against the edge of the scissors.

7-Tie onto each nail (double knot) with ends facing out.

8-Finish with embellishments or paint.
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