Saturday, February 6, 2010

Message of LOVE {day 5}

These personalized games turned out so much better than I imagined. I have to give many thanks to Him above for the inspiration.

1-I found these old music reels with a box at Deseret Industries(second hand store) and knew these would be perfect.

2-I made the "gameboard" by using tracing paper and placing it over the patterned paper to draw a maze. Then I just counted to where I needed to draw the lines with my sharpie.

3-Directions to playing the Heart 2 Heart game. Contents: 2 dice, 1 place marker, hearts (with "I Love you" stamped on it), gameboard. Object: to give as many {I love you} hearts aqay as you can. How to Play: the player{name} will roll the dice and move the correct amount of spaces. if she/he lands on a "heart" then she/he will pick out an {i love you} heart and give to someone. If she/he lands on an "xo" then she/he is to give someone a hug and kiss. If she/he happens to roll doubles she/he can move 5 extra spaces.

4-Pocket for gamepiece: hearts. I had a stamp that I used.

5-Gameboard finished with red dice(found at the dollar store) and "marker"(gamepiece from another game). I randomly stamped 7 "hearts" and 4 "xo" in the squares along the maze.

Finished game- inside and out. For the outside I just used a piece of scrapbook paper to fit box and put some contact paper over that so it will last a bit longer. Then I applied some vinyl lettering.
I'm so excited for our kids to play this. They will get their own but could also play together. I love it! Pin It

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